Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Who decides the rental amount for my property?
A:    Ludecke Property Mgmt Inc. will run rental comps and based on the fair market value we will make a recommendation.

Q:   Who pays for the advertising of my property?
A:   We pay for and distribute all signage. We will also place your property on our website as well as other free websites for renters

Q:   What do I need to do to make my property ready to rent?
A:   We can help you determine what preparations need to be made. Your property will rent faster and demand a higher rental value if the unit has fresh paint, clean carpets, and a clean appearance. We have a well qualified team of maintenance personnel available at competitive pricing as well as fair and reliabel vendors to prepare your property.

Q:   How are tenants selected?
A:   Our tenant screening is very extensive to ensure qualified tenenats. Applications are run for good  credit, we verify employment and landlord history, making sure there have been no evictions, late payments, or criminal history.

Q:   Who pays for maintenance and repairs to my property?
A:   The owner pays for maintenance and repairs. If the tenant has caused the need for a repair we will hold the tenant reponsible for payment.

We welcome any additional questions you may have.

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