McCrary Family Trust

Dear Mr. Ludecke,

It has been almost three years since I retained Danielle in your management company to handle the day to day operations of my two apartment buildings in Pasadena. In a brief few words, “I couldn’t be more pleased.”

I have owned investment property for a number of years, the accounting seemed OK but I was always being plagued by those minor undefined expenses like fixing the mailbox lock, re-nailing the fence slats, things hard to inspect but yet adding up to a couple of hundred dollars every month. My suspicion was always that the work never was real but that the maintenance staff used that type “make work” to keep busy.

I have never had that feeling with Christy or Danielle. The result is piece of mind and more net cash flow to me and my wife. Thank you and your staff for a job well done.

Bob and Carol McCrary


Michele A. Stuart

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past six months, and I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the professional and exemplary manner in which you have managed the details concerning the lease of my home.

I wish you all the best


Dr. Alfredo Morales

It is a pleasure to write a few words of testimony about Ludecke Property MGMT Inc.

The friendly business traits I found in the Ludecke’s – Michael and Clint – father and son; are reflected in the professionalism, the graciousness, and the expertise of their staff: Danielle, Marycella, and Christy.

I am particularly at ease about having to manage my various properties without having to research for all the documents I need to prepare for my yearly income taxes.

I have the best possible quality tenenats leasing the houses: a lady attache of the Mexican Consulate of Los Angeles, CA and the cultural attache of the Taiwanese Consulate at Los Angeles, CA for example.

Thank you very much Ludecke Property MGMT Inc!


Gamriela Ornelas

To the wonderful gals at Ludecke Property Management:

This is juat a note to let you all know how much we appreciate the exceptional service we receive. Whether it is about finances, needing a specialty contractor, or just answering questions, especially your quick responses to our emergencies. But what is so important is the personal connection we receive every time we talk to you; all which help us run our HOA smoothly!

Thank you again.


Carol Kazanjian

We are extremely pleased with your property management team’s performance this past year. We were working with another group here in town that was not taking their duties seriously. Now that we’ve switched to Ludecke, we find your team professional, energetic, courteous, and prompt. You take your responsibility seriously and you respond to small details. Sometimes an issue is not significant but you treat it with the utmost importance. Hats off to a great job.